Microchondria 2


In February 2010, Harvard Book Store announced a unique literary project—they would create a brand new book, utilizing their brand new book making machine, in 28 days. The result, Microchondria: 42 Short Short Stories Collected by Harvard Book Store, was an anthology of micro fiction submitted by writers from across the country, produced on their state-of-the-art print-on-demand machine, “Paige.”

Five years later, they have a revamped, updated Espresso Book Machine. To celebrate this even statelier-of-the-art bookmaking technology, they’ve decided to go for another round of 28 days to make something awesome happen: Microchondria II: 42 More Short Short Stories Collected by Harvard Book Store.


  • CLIENT: Harvard Book Store
  • TYPE: Book Cover
  • DATE: March 2015
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