A Boy Like Me


A Boy Like Me is a young adult novel by Jennie Wood which features a transgender protagonist. Born a girl, Peyton Honeycutt meets Tara Parks in the eighth grade bathroom shortly after he gets his first period. It is the best and worst day of his life. Determined to impress Tara, Peyton sets out to win her love by mastering the drums and basketball. He takes on Tara’s small-minded mother, the bully at school, and the prejudices within his conservative hometown. In the end, Peyton must accept and stand up for who he is or lose the woman he loves.

The design concept for A Boy Like Me stemmed almost entirely from the team’s review of Jennie’s finished manuscript. Carefully weaving together striking narrative elements and overarching character themes, the cover results in a warm, rustic, and patchwork-like composition befitting of the novel’s protagonist. Published on September 4, 2014, by 215 Ink, A Boy Like Me is available for purchase or you can read an excerpt in the December 2013 issue of Provocateur.


  • CLIENT: Jennie Wood
  • TYPE: Book Cover
  • DATE: April 2014
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