Cloud Platform Documentation


In Spring 2020, the team at Niemożliwe was fortunate enough to lend a hand to a Boston-based higher education institution to bake up several “Quick Start” guides for some new cloud-based storage, sharing, and collaboration platforms.

Too often this type of end user documentation aimed at accessible process or procedure guidance results in anything but–more often these guides come out of the bowels of an IT department chocked-full of jargon, dense or irrelevant information, and don’t actually transfer the required practical knowledge of the tool or platform to the end user.

Enter our sassy sasses. Leveraging bold, clean, and minimalistic design principles, the team at Niemożliwe cranked-out four end user guides covering both the interesting high-level stuffs, as well as the critical nitty gritties the users needed to know without leading them into the weeds. As end user documentation should always be considered a living document given the pace at which technologies change, in addition to the initial print and digital design deliverables, the team rounded out this project with all fully editable guide templates for the institution to update the documentation moving forward.


  • CLIENT: Private Higher Education Institution
  • TYPE: Digital + Print Media
  • DATE: April, May 2020
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