Elizabeth Chiles Shelburne


  • CLIENT: Elizabeth Chiles Shelburne
  • TYPE: Web Design, Branding + Identity
  • DATE: May 2019


Elizabeth grew up reading, writing, and shooting in East Tennessee. After graduating from Amherst College, she became a writer and a staff editor at The Atlantic Monthly. Her nonfiction work has been published in The Atlantic Monthly, Boston Globe, Boston Magazine, and GlobalPost, among others. She is a graduate of Grub Street’s MFA-level Novel Incubator program, under Michelle Hoover and Lisa Borders, where her 2019 debut novel, Holding On To Nothing, was workshopped.

Elizabeth is total badass mom of 4 (or maybe 5, 9, or 12 at this point?), the biggest Dolly Parton fan you’ll ever meet, and one of our absolute favorite human beings.


  • Modern, bold, and minimalist design
  • Fully-responsive and retina display-ready structure and elements
  • Custom hero spreads and page features
  • Google Analytics monitoring and reporting dashboard
  • Domain, hosting, backups, and security purchasing and configuration management
  • SEO and cache-optimized
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